Volunteers – We Need You!

We are always looking for volunteers to help out with all sorts of things.  If you are interested in helping out, please fill out the form below.  Here’s a quick description of people needed:

  • Instructor – Need to be a minimum of an NRA Basic Pistol Instructor or USCCA Certified Instructor.  Instructors teach in the classroom during our Safety Orientation class.
  • RSO (Range Safety Officer) – all of our volunteers on the range need to be an RSO.  The course is a one-day course where you would earn your NRA RSO certificate.  The NVFAC Foundation has offered to pay for the course for anyone that wants to volunteer with Annie Oakley.  RSO’s are responsible for range safety briefings and ensuring the range is safe for all volunteers and participants.
  • Coach – Coaches are also RSO’s, but work directly with participants in the program to help them with grip, sight alignment, and encouragement.

Once we get enough people to express interest in becoming an RSO and/or coach, we will get an RSO class put together.  Thank you again for your interest in helping keep Annie Oakley a successful program!